Phoenix Rising Farm

Breeding Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in Leonardtown, Maryland

Kidding Schedule 2017

 Phoenix Farm Firefly
 Phoenix Farm Defiant One
 1 doeling and 1 buckling Available
 Phoenix Farm Song Bird
 Phoenix Farm Defiant One
 1 Doeling available
Phoenix Farm M&M
  Phoenix Farm Blue Skies
 Phoenix Farm Lady Bug
 Phoenix Farm Summer Bird
 AI to Phiola Farm Buck Finn
 Phoenix Farm Special Order
 Phoenix Farm Buzzard
 Phoenix Farm Seagull
 Phoenix Farm Superior One
 Phoenix Farm Deviant Bird
 Phoenix Farm Blue Skies
 Phoenix Farm Summer Tune
 Phoenix Farm Rock Candy
 Phoenix Farm Superior Genetics
 Phoenix Farm Blue Skies
 Phoenix Farm Firework
 Bird's 2016 Buckling
 Fall 2017
 Phoenix Farm Ice Coffee
 Fall 2017
 Phoenix Farm Black Ice
 Fall 2017
 Phoenix Farm (unamed tunes doeling)
 Fall 2017
 Phoenix Farm Vokaya
 Spring 2018

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