Phoenix Rising Farm

Breeding Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in Leonardtown, Maryland

The Birthing process (Thanks to Miracle the goat!)

 Miracle laying down and starting to push. Notice her tail is arched from a contraction.

 Bubble is starting to appear.

 Standing up to adjust babies.

The Hooves appear. There is a bubble in a bubble since her water bubble didn't break. Most times the water and the bubble around the kid will break.

 More of the hooves.

 More hoof and you can just make out the other hoof tip on the left.


 Both hooves now

 We have a nose!

 Things were going slow so I turned the camera off and moved into position in case I needed to pull. Miracle took care of things and pushed a healthy baby boy out. The sack was thick so I had to rip it open so the kid could breath. He also took in some gunk into his lungs so I had to take him and sling him a bit to get the fluid out. Mom and baby are doing great. She had another boy about 10 minutes after this one. I didn't get any pictures of him being born since they seem to go fast once the first one is out. 



Dorcas having a contraction

Dorcas Pushing

Anna giving birth while standing up 

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